Community Meals

On every day of the year, somewhere in Lancaster County, more than 40 partner congregations are hosting Community Meals for anyone who comes to join in a communal meal. These free, hot meals are served three times a day, 365 days a year. The Council started the Community Meals program in 2001 and last year, the Council’s Community Meals program served over 100,000 meals. One Community Meals volunteer describes Community Meals as “a ministry to people who are needy, but not just food needy, but many times in need of being cared about and spoken to.” Filling bellies is just part of what happens at a Community Meal. Relationships develop, and people change, breaking cycles of poverty and abuse and transforming lives.

Click here for a map showing churches in Lancaster County.

For a complete, printable version of the weekly/monthly community meals schedule, click here.


To learn more about Community Meals, please email Eva Olson or call ­­­717-291-2261 ext. 8043.

To subscribe to the weekly e-mail list concerning free food for Community Meals contact Eva Olson at or call 717-291-2261 ext 8043.